Our Work

Technical Writing

Screenshot of part of the documentation for an AV system
Snippet of the AV System Documentation
Portion of the documentation for a REST API
Snippet of a REST API documentation page
Portion of the documentation for a Parking Equipment System
Snippet of a HowTo for a Parking Equipment System

Website Design

We are qualified in using the web design tools provide by Wix, Weebly, Zen Folio, as well as custom designed sites.

6gen3 redesign
bkvagnini portfolio site


Closeup picture of  a machine and gears
ALCO Multi-cut slitter, showing how to change the cutting blade


FoodieGuyz logo, with donuts as the letter O
FoodieGuyz Logo for a fictitious restaurant used in a web design course
Animated GIF rotating between three screens
Ad for The Braun Companies, a B2B company that specialized in market research surveys
Two hands reaching for a gun - book cover for The Family Business
Book cover design for the book “The Family Business” – first book in the series
Silhouette of a young girl holding a gun, "Charlie's Angels" style
Book cover design for the book “Scarlet” – third book in the series
Image of an angry man screaming - band is agentsofmad and the cd title is "Get Mad"
CD Cover for agentsofmad debut CD, “Get Mad”

Logo Design

Bassic Learning log with a bass guitar as the letter I and the bass clef symbol forming part of the letter B
Logo for BassicLearning.com, a bass guitar instruction website
Drumminar logo, with a drumset replacing the letter M
Logo for Drumminar.com, a Drum set instruction website
Logo with various characters making up the logo
Logo for the Disneynuts.com website

UX / UI Design

Logo for fake product called Perp Catcher
Default screen for a fake Mobile app for law enforcement
Layout for a SaaS Product company
Redesign for the 6gen3 website, a Digital SaaS Product company

Additional examples of work can be found at https://bkvagnini.com